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The Strange Case Of The Missing NHS Org Chart

In a blog post in 2021 this blogger pointed out, with full references to the data source, how 'the NHS' in reality consists of 22,000 distinct organisations, sadly this fact has proved to be of no interest whatsoever to the various major media outlets and politicians who have been made aware of it.

Thus current promises to transform 'the NHS' into a modern fit-for-purpose health service will not have as the first item on their agenda the publication of an organisation chart of the existing byzantine NHS mess. Let alone the radical step of publishing an org chart of what the transformed NHS will look like.

Nevertheless this blogger, ever the optimist, has created a rudimentary NHS org chart as a starting point should such a process ever get under way. Some of the information came from this list, which represents the best efforts of their local MP in extracting information from the MInister of Health, and the other information has come from endless trawling of the web. As you will see it falls far short of the 22,000 organisations identified in the previous blog post.

Without all this information being available any discussion of transforming 'the NHS' is a meaningless political exercise in obfuscation.

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