The Programmer's Odyssey

The Programmer's Odyssey was published with the assistance of spanitis because coding bootcamps are  now present worldwide that frequently offer intensely focused  training . The result can be coders who know little about the profession they are entering and The Programmer's Odyssey (ISBN 978-1-38-891555-1) helps to fill this gap. It is also a very readable trip down memory lane for working and former programmers. Further details are available on its dedicated web site.

One of our independent associates, who also curates our collection  of computer history information, has written this book about his life in the IT trenches and the book's Preface includes this statement:

"It's easy to forget that the digital age, and so the existence of commercial computer programmers, still only spans a single working life, and one of them is mine. In my commercial computer programmer career I've gone through most of the changes in the programming world in all their frequent craziness. This is my attempt to preserve that odyssey for the historical record."

Check out the Table of Contents and some sample text.

"I gave my students your book …… and they were surprised to see where it started for you all those years ago"

"Well-paced account, enlivened by weaving in coming-of-age tales and the music of the time. Who would have thought a book on the history of programming could be so enthralling?"

Andrew Lewis, Fujistsu UK

"....this should become part of the reading list for every computer science/IT student around the have managed to pack it with great facts and amongst the musical/cultural backdrop that you have lived through... BUT most importantly it is very readable and enjoyable for anyone with even the faintest interest in these things...."

Simon Besley, Principal IT Consultant, New Zealand