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Goodbye to the blockchain fad?

This blogger has always thought that blockchain databases with their well known technical limitations which include an abysmal transaction rate (5 tps!) and massive power requirements will consign them to the scrapheap of technology history. Now a superior evolution of the technology is solving those problems and looks capable of supporting real world transaction systems, hashgraph technology from Hedera.

The article describing this technology contains the following:

"Today, Hedera Hashgraph shared their public ledger test results.

Large companies across sectors like financial services and supply chain management are increasingly testing blockchain proof of concepts, yet their adoption is constrained by limitations such as transaction speed.

“We can process hundreds of thousands of transactions per second on Hashgraph Hedera, compared to proof of work blockchains like Bitcoin or Ethereum’s blockchain that can do 5-7 transactions per second,” Harmon said."

Enough said.

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