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Technology's Ruthless Profiteers

On December 31st 2017 the UK Sunday Times published a front page article under the headline "Tech titans told: join terror fight or face tax blitz" about those once cool technology companies such as Facebook, Google and YouTube who now stand revealed as traditional grasping, greedy and immoral, capitalist mega-corporations.

UK Security Minister Ben Wallace is quoted as saying of the technology companies "We should stop pretending that because they sit on beanbags in T-shirts they are not ruthless profiteers. They will ruthlessly sell our details to loans and soft-porn companies but not give it to our democratically elected government."

That a minister in a generally pro-business Tory government should make such a statement reveals the depths to which these technology companies have sunk. So ignore the bullshit that comes out of their marketing departments and see them for what they are.

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