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spanitis blog - the first entry

Hello world......

The spanitis blog is finally launched and some candidate items for posting have been piling up, they will form the first few posts so they at least get an airing in the blog.

Here's the first:

'Creative' advert

There's a current view that advertising as we know it is dying as it becomes possible to target adverts at selected individuals using, mostly, mobile technology. In the past using TV and display advertising it was near to impossible to know who would see ads so they needed to somehow catch the attention of the real target audience by making creative, and expensive to produce, ads using meerkats, sex, or whatever. But if you already know the identities of your targets this becomes uneccessary. If you already know who is looking for car insurance you only need to feed them the relevant facts, not an expensive 'creative' meerkat attention catcher.

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